Today I’m going to give you a short demo on the new date time function in SQL Server Denali. It’s SMALLDATETIMEFROMPARTS function, are you able to get the things from naming convention. Yep! you are right, this function will return small datetime value with the parts of data being supplied to the function. I hope […]

Finding END of Month in SQL Server Denali Using EOMONTH function

Today we are going to see a new datetime function that’s introduced with SQL Server Denali. This function is expected by many of the developers, this function will let you know the last date of a month. It’s EOMONTH(), you can pass the date as input , it will give you the end date of […]

Formatting Data in SQL Server Denali using FORMAT function

Today we are going to see another new function introduced in SQL Server Denali. It’s nothing but the FORMAT function.This will be very useful feature to format any data in SQL Server. In previous versions we will be using CONVERT function to do some styling in date time etc. However in Denali for sure this […]


This function is also new to SQL Server denali however this function got some more arguments compared to DATETIMEFROMPARTS function. I’m not sure how frequently we will use this as it’s more precise to give you the values.  If the arguments are not valid then an error is raised or if the argument is NULL […]