SQL 2005 Transaction Replication

I have an existing publication with 10 articles configured for Transactional replication. The replication is running fine. Now I wish to add another table (article) to this publication. My requirement is to ensure that I dont need to generate a snapshot of all the articles being published, if I add a single article only that… Continue reading SQL 2005 Transaction Replication

Transactional Replication

This article teaches you how to set up transactional replication using wizards and scripts. In most cases, youll set up the initial publication and subscribers using wizards; however, if you need to apply the same publication in multiple environments, youll appreciate the option of applying the scripts as opposed to going through wizards time and… Continue reading Transactional Replication

Transactional Replication – Configure Publication

Once youve configured a distributor, youre ready to create publications. Perform the below steps as follows, Step1 : Connect to an instance (Sansu) of SQL Server by using the SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), navigate to the “replication” folder then local publications folder, right-click this folder, and select New Publication. This invokes the new publication… Continue reading Transactional Replication – Configure Publication