Performance Tunning

SQL Server 2012 Performance Dashboard Report

Performance dashboard is developed for SQL Server 2005 which provides useful information about the server, in simple it will give you an performance overview of entire SQL Server. If you worked with SQL Server 2005 then you might be familiar with this tool. Unfortunately they didn’t provide or updated the tool to work with SQL Server 2008\R2, however based on user request we have done an workaround to make SQL 2005 reports to work with SQL 2008\R2. The good news is now MS have upgraded performance dashboard to SQL Server 2012 which now includes extended event trace details.


Systray Utility to check SQL Server Service

I have developed this utility to monitor the instances of SQL Server running in a machine (i.e only standalone and not remote machines) and to send failure mail alerts upon service status. When I tried this type of systray utility in internet I could find only utilities that are monitoring the service and not sending any alerts on failures, so Ive decided to add this feature in this. I hope this small utility could help you a lot.