Auditing in SQL Server 2008

Auditing is a new feature introduced in SQL Server 2008. Auditing is a general word and its related to sql server to capture events that occurs in sql server, it’s similar to tracking the processes happening in sql server. This feature helps database administrators to implement a strategy to know who is performing what or to track events for a particular database. Auditing is spitted into two categories a.) Server Auditing specification and b.) Database Auditing specification. Lets look into those categories


SQL Server Security Bulletin


This document analyzes the information given in the Microsoft bulletin regarding the Security patch that needs to be applied in all SQL Servers version 7 and above.


List Orphan ID’s

This script displays the list of orphan SQL Server accounts from all the databases. This script is applicable for version greater than SQL 2000.


How to Recover SA password when you forget it – SQL 2005

What to do if you forgot SA password in SQL Server 2005?

In general if you forgot SA password or if the SA account is disabled these are the options to login into SQL Server 2005 and reset or enable SA.