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Batch script to deploy multiple SQL files

I was working on a project where I’m supposed to deploy lots of SQL Server script files (.sql). It’s very tedious job either to manually execute or to write a batch script each time when the deployment moves to another environment. So I decided to write a batch script which should be dynamic in nature so that I can easily use this script across any SQL Script files.

Same script is rewritten using powershell, check http://sql-articles.com/scripts/powershell/batch-script-to-deploy-multiple-sql-files-version-2/ for updated version

Update Date : 29-Apr-2018

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Startup procedure to check SQL Server status when restarted

I’ve written a startup procedure to check SQL Server status when the SQL Server gets restarted. Most of the time as a DBA when a Server gets rebooted or SQL Services is restarted we need to make sure everything is fine in SQL server to make sure SQL server is running healthy. Some companies will have budget to buy a monitoring tool, so that all these things will be taken care by that tool. This small procedure will help the DBA’s to know the status of SQL Server in HTML format through mail when it’s restarted.

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Attach all user databases

I was doing an upgrade of one of our development servers to SQL Server 2008. To minimize the downtime I decided to attach all the user databases using script. Basically, I am attaching the db from the same location there were present earlier to being detached.
Consider the following example, If I have a database named “Test” in SQL 2005 that is currently residing in the following locations, C:databaseTest.mdf & C:databaseTest_log.ldf and another database named “Test_2008” in C:temptest_2k8.mdf & C:temptest2k8_log.ldf then the script I wrote would prepare the script to attach the database test from the same location.

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