November 2013 UG Meet

We are back again for this month UG.. I hope everyone enjoyed Diwali festival and back to work. I was eagerly waiting to update everyone on UG session. Vinod Kumar M from Microsoft volunteered to take couple of sessions on his own interest and this is exclusive only for our UG members.

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October 2013 UG Meet

Last month we had a big mess on UG.. I didn’t get any update on venue change so I was not able to communicate to you all on the right time. Ram helped me a lot to update you folks. This month we planned for the UG session on coming Saturday (26th Oct) and we  will be covering the same topic which we were not able to present it last month. You can get the new venue details below.. Please register for the event and this is mandatory from now to get the entry pass. Continue reading “October 2013 UG Meet”

September 2013 UG Meet

I was happy to inform you that finally we are back on track for September month user group meeting. Last month we got stuck up with so many things and one of the reason we aren’t able to proceed is that we got attacked and this site is almost down for 5 days.. It took long hours for me to go through all the codes and then bring back the website… I’m happy that we are refreshed with new theme and gong forward you can expect frequent updates in this website.

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Generate Users and Roles Script

Couple of weeks back I wrote a script for generate object level permission in the database. People started requesting me to write a script which should script all the users and roles in a database. I came up with this script which will script roles and users in a database and it will also associate user with their roles.

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T-SQL Script to find the names of the StoredProcedure that has used dynamic SQL

This article has the script that will be useful to find the names of the  Stored procedure that has used dynamic sql within the definition of the Stored procedure .

In this post , I am creating a sample database with four stored procedures to show an example on how the script works : Continue reading “T-SQL Script to find the names of the StoredProcedure that has used dynamic SQL”