March 2014 UG Meet

Are you ready for March UG? March 8th is the day we are looking forward to meet you all to share what me know and to learn what you know!! Thanks for all your support last month and we are looking forward the same this month too. Anyone interested to give 15~30 min of presentation of any complex issue which you resolved, If yes please drop me an email.. Continue reading “March 2014 UG Meet”

December 2013 UG Meet

As everyone know we have moved to new Microsoft office and now we are capable to accommodate more participants. I request all the UG members to invite their colleagues and friends to get benefit from the sessions. I would also like to have a discussion session at end of the UG to discuss and plan for a better UG. This month we have UG on 14th December. Everyone is in the year end mood so we would like to finish the UG before 3rd week. This is the last UG session in this year , hope to see you all again Smile Continue reading “December 2013 UG Meet”

Identify Null Columns and Data Null Columns

I saw an interesting question in Facebook group. It’s all related to NULL values.. How to identify NULLable columns in a table and column with data as NULL. I thought of searching it in internet and pointing him to the link but I couldn’t get a reliable post to point it to the user so I finally wrote it. This script will just give you information about nullable columns in a table and whether the nullable column has null values. You can either scan NULL data or you can skip it. Continue reading “Identify Null Columns and Data Null Columns”