Database Mirroring Role Change

Role Change in Mirroring :

Database mirroring failover is an issue that can be considered from the standpoint of the database mirroring servers or the application. From the standpoint of the database mirroring servers, failover is the conversion of the mirror server into a principal server and the use of the newly recovered database as the principal database in the session. The failover may be automatic, manual, or forced.

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Upgrading to SQL Server 2005


As we all know that Microsoft has released SQL Server 2005 sometime back and is planning to release the next version KATMAI before end of 2008. Also it has announced the end of life cycle support for SQL Server 2000. Its high time that we start with upgrading our instances with SQL Server 2005 and upgrade before the life cycles support ends.

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Locks & Locking Hints


Locking, Locks and Deadlocks are words that a developer/DBA does not want to hear in real life but still there are possibilities that we hear them because of some bad code written. This article takes you on to the type of locks available in SQL server and the ways of avoiding them using the hints available. Before getting into know the types of locks and the hints available, let us see what is meant by a lock and a deadlock.

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