Issues restoring SQL Azure bacpac due to QueryStoreStaleQueryThreshold

In our environment we have inhouse and SQL Azure databases. We will be refreshing the DEV environments weekly once from the production SQL Azure databases. As you know backups are taken care by Azure itself, so we can simply add the storage in our inhouse server and extract it as data tier application. Continue reading “Issues restoring SQL Azure bacpac due to QueryStoreStaleQueryThreshold”

SQL Server 2016 – Dynamic Data Masking

One of the new feature that’s being developed with SQL Server 2016. If you are a DBA then you will like this feature very much. In the real world when you move the data from production to development or uat server we are supposed to obfuscate the data so that the developer wont see the actual live data. Till SQL Server 2016 we are achieving this with dynamic DML scripts which will mask the data. Based on the volume of records in the database we will end up long wait hours to obfuscate it. Continue reading “SQL Server 2016 – Dynamic Data Masking”

SSIS Error Code 0xC02092B4

I was working on a SSIS package in SQL 2014 which was working there without any issues. Due to few factors we need to downgrade to work in SQL Server 2008 R2 for few months. I developed the packages in SQL 2008 BIDS and deployed. No changes done to any of the database objects as I thought I’m going to use the same in my package as well. Continue reading “SSIS Error Code 0xC02092B4”