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Log file growth in SQL Server

Each database in SQL Server contains at least one data file and one transaction log file. The transaction log file stores the details of all the modifications that are performed in the SQL Server database. If the transaction log file in a SQL Server database has grown enormously and if you have set the option for the transaction log files to grow automatically, the transaction log file grows in units of virtual log files.

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How to Recover from Suspect Database

Many DBAs would have seen the database marked as suspect. If a database is marked suspect it cannot be accessed and hence nothing can be performed in the database. In this article I am going to explain how to overcome this and bring the database back to normalcy. There are three possible Workarounds to bring the database online and to retrieve the data. First try the Workaround 1 and if it fails go to Workaround 2 if that doesn’t yield the desired result try the Workaround 3.

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