Category: Security

  • Always Encrypted – An Over View – Part 1

    Always encrypted is a new feature introduced to encrypt the  in rest as well as during transport. It’s been quite long time the feature has been released to general public. In this encryption method the encryption will be done at the client side. Encryption keys can be stored in Azure vault, Windows certificate store in client server or in hardware module. […]

  • What happens when permission is revoked in middle of work?

    This is one of the question asked by my friend and it seems very simple. I had a discussion with him and said that whatever the transaction it has started it will succeeded, however what I told him is not correct. I told him I’ll test it out and the answer which I gave it […]

  • Add your OWN server role in DENALI

    Microsoft this week unveiled its newest version of SQL server code named DENALI most probably will be known as SQL server 2011. I have had a bit of play around with the new version and found some of the new features being added to the Database engine. The first coolest thing that I looked at […]

  • Use xp_logininfo to retrieve AD group members list

    I was discussing with one of my colleague and during the discussion he told me that he is not able to view the list of members available in a AD group since he dont have permission on AD forest. Normally to retrieve this he will sent the request to the AD team and they will […]

  • IP Address Blocking or Restriction in SQL Server

    I have seen some questions in forums asking for the answer is it possible to block connections to SQL Server based on IP address. As far as now there is no official way in SQL Server to block the connections in SQL Server based on IP address. However this can be done from the OS […]