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What is Log Shipping

Log Shipping is one of the methods for creating a Standby server, by god forbidden if something happens to our production server we need a standby server and Microsoft has come up with this idea and introduced Log Shipping in SQL 2000 itself. But in SQL 2005 it has been enhanced further by making it more user friendly. It is mainly used in OLTP environment (Online Transaction Processing). It is used as a High Availability Solution and also in Disaster recovery situations.

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Introduction to Database Mirroring

Overview of Mirroring:

Mirroring is mainly implemented for increasing the database availability. Similar to log shipping mirroring is also implemented on per database basis. Database mirroring maintains two copies of a single database that must reside on different instances of SQL Server Database Engine (server instances). Typically, these server instances reside on computers in different locations. One server instance serves the database to clients (the principal server), while the other server instance acts as a hot or warm standby server (the mirror server).

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