Systray Utility to check SQL Server Service

I have developed this utility to monitor the instances of SQL Server running in a machine (i.e only standalone and not remote machines) and to send failure mail alerts upon service status. When I tried this type of systray utility in internet I could find only utilities that are monitoring the service and not sending […]

Configuring Failover Clustering in Windows Server 2008

I have planned to configure SQL Server 2008 clustering on Windows Server 2008 Clustering. To do this, first I need to configure Windows Server Clustering. Now a days DBA’s are not only working on RBMS platform, they should also have sufficient knowledge in their operating system on which their RDBMS is running. As a DBA […]

Migrating Access Database to SQL Server

I recently received a call from one of my friend asking me, what is the easiest way to migrate a database from ACCESS to SQL Server? I was curious on answering his question and just went for a search in internet to find it was much simple than what I expected. This article describes the […]