Steps to configure SQL server Availability Groups in DENALI

In this blog post I will drive you through configurations steps required (with GUI screens) to successfully implement SQL server’s new high availability option called “ALWAYSON” aka HADR . If you haven’t read more about Always ON or Availability groups in SQL server code named “Denali” version, here are some articles that I would recommend […]

Create database command blocks GHOST Clean-up process

Problem: I was asked by a colleague that when he runs a create database statement with large initial sizes for database files , he was able to find the ghost clean-up process with SPID less than 50 ( system process) blocked by the create database statement by simply running the query sp_who2.

How Much Memory is Needed Taken for My Database Backup

In this article I will try and cover the concepts in understanding the amount of memory or buffers required for completing a database backup. I would be using a couple of trace flags to get that detail and further discuss two of the parameters MAXTRANSFERSIZE and BUFFERCOUNT in the BACKUP DATABASE TSQL syntax which will […]