SSIS 2014 Exectuion Error while validating Script Component

It’s been so long after my last article. Looks like I been lazy for few years now ūüôā

I assume lot of people using¬†¬†SSIS package deployment utility after they support project deployment model. I¬†always use the ispac for easier deployment though it doesn’t support environments variables in deployment. Today we deployed a project to¬†our environment which contains new package and no modifications to the existing packages were made. New package worked fine but¬†some of the old packages started¬†failing, I checked internal versions of the package and couldn’t find any¬†changes. Errors¬†were happening in Script Task. Continue reading SSIS 2014 Exectuion Error while validating Script Component

May 2016 CSSUG Meet

After a long long break we are back in action but with short notice. This time we are with two different series. . Hope to you see you all in the meet, please pass this information to all your friends and colleagues so that we can see new faces.

All CSSUG members please register at and select Chennai SQL Server user group as your chapter to get benefited from content and notifications about the event in CSSUG.

Thanks to Ram and Madhi for accepting the Invitations.

Facebook Group –
WhatsApp Group – CSSUG
Hike Group – CSSUG

Send an SMS to me, Ram or Madhi to get you added to the group.

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