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Creating Database Snapshot

One of the exasperating things while creating a snapshot is that you cannot use SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) instead you need to make use of T-SQL. I am creating a snapshot of the database Deepak as follows,

CREATE DATABASE Deepak_snapshot_2030 on

The Snapshot name is Deepak_snapshot_2030. It can be any name but its advisable to include the time @ which the snapshot was created, in my case it is 2030(i.e 8:30 pm) so that it will be easy to identify.While creating a snapshot a Sparse file is created in my case it is named as Deepak_ss.ff.

You need to ensure that the drive containing this sparse file must have NTFS file system else you will not be able to create the snapshot. Initially I tried to create a database snapshot in F:drive which has FAT file system and received the below error. Refer the below figure,



Subsequently I created the snapshot in D:drive which has NTFS File system. Refer the below figure for the same.


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