Always Encrypted – An Over View – Part 1

Always encrypted is a new feature introduced to encrypt the  in rest as well as during transport. It’s been quite long time the feature has been released to general public. In this encryption method the encryption will be done at the client side. Encryption keys can be stored in Azure vault, Windows certificate store in client server or in hardware module. Since the encryption keys doesn’t sit in the database engine it doesn’t reveal the actual data and even this is applicable for an administrators.  Continue reading Always Encrypted – An Over View – Part 1

March 2017 CSSUG Meet

We are back in action for next month. Thanks to all the participants who visited last event.

We are pleased to update you all that this month UG is scheduled on 04th March 2017. Thanks to Guna and Madhi for volunteering themselves for this month UG. Now we have a new speaker Hari , who is an certified trainer & a database consultant.  Welcome Hari, we hope you will continue with your great sessions every month.

All CSSUG members please register at and select Chennai SQL Server user group as your chapter to get benefited from content and notifications about the event in CSSUG.

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